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1. Ometeotl (Divine duality) 9:33
2. Sun of Water 7:26
3. Sun of Earth 5:56
4. Sun of Rain of fire 5:38
5. Sun of Wind 5:54
6. Sun of Movement 10:02
7. Epilogue 1:18

This is the 3th part of an epic musical saga, The traditional tales, the sacred tales of old, came to you in a musical form,
Each song represents one of the five ages.

This is a conceptual & progresive album, it took me four years in the process of gathering the musical instruments, making them, composing, producing and
releasing it.
Each song start with a monologue in naguatl : «The old sorcerer speaks and with his magical words he set the soul and the mind to a mythic and magical world».

Each song represents one of the five ages.

The album is available only in mp3 format,
You can find it here :
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The legend of the sun is a very ancient tale, it came to us preciously preserved in sacred books (Amoxtli) and at the end of XVI century was translated to Castilian (spanish) by one of the informants of Bernardino de Sahagun, in spanish is better known as codex Chimalpopoca, the legend of the suns is only a fragment of the full tale.


The Legend of the Sun

«The Legend of the Sun is a telling of the past before the existence of the world as we know it today. After the gods created the earth, the heavens and the underworld, a chain of destruction and creation unfolded that caused the existence of five different worlds throughout time. Each world is an Age dominated by its sun, and therefore each Age is called a Sun.»

  • It is believed that there were four ages -suns-, before this one, and this present age-sun-, is the fifth.
  • As the elder Knew and said, during the year «1 rabbit» the earth and the sky were created, when this happened, four different ages have   previously existed in the world. Each one of them with its own particular sun. The elder said the first humans were made of ash, conceived and created by Quetzalcoatl, who was born under the sign « 7wind ».
  • The first sun, «The sun of water », was created under the sign « 4 water». Great floods of water covered the earth in this age, destroying everything, men turned into fish.
  • The second sun was then created, « the Sun of Earth », during this age, the sun didn’t follow its complete course, when at midday it suddenly became night and, at dark, people were eaten by jaguars. Humans were giants, but in spite of their great size, they were, in reality, weak beings. The elder said the giants would salute saying: ‘Don’t fall’, because when they fell, they fell forever.
  • The third sun, «The sun of fire », was created under the sign « 4 rain », in this age, the sun rained fire and sand, people were burned, rocks boiled and turned red.
  • The fourth sun «The sun of wind », was created under the sign « 4 wind ». Everything was carried away by the wind during this time, people turned into monkeys, then, these monkey people traveled and went to live among the mountains.
  • The Fifth sun, «The sun of movement »is the age we live in today, all that exists is in constant movement: rivers and oceans, plants and animals, life itself and the movement of the sun across the sky. «The sun of movement »was created under the sign «4 ollin», that is,  «4 movement », and as elders said, in this time, there will be earth movements, and hunger, and this will cause the destruction of the present age.


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